Ireland is truly staking its claim as the home for green technology

With so much happening in the green-energy research field in our third-level institutions, Ireland is truly staking its claim as the home for green technology.
With the race on to progress Ireland’s green-energy portfolio in order to meet our 2020 energy targets and to create a cleaner, smarter economy, an increasing array of researchers in universities and institutes of technology (ITs) around the island are focusing on the renewable energy space to harness Ireland’s wave, wind, solar and bioenergy resources.

Professor Fionn Murtagh, director of information, communications and emergent technologies at Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), says there is a lot of awareness of the potential of green-energy research and its commercial and industrial relevance in Ireland right now.

SFI is currently supporting around 60 research projects in the green-tech area in Irish universities and ITs.

“There are about 40 such projects in areas that range from waste treatment, environmental, atmosphere analysis through to combustion,” Murtagh says.

He refers to CLARITY, an SFI Centre for Science Engineering and Technology (CSET) that is carrying out research in the area of sensor networks. A collaboration between Tyndall National Institute, University College Dublin (UCD) and Dublin City University, CLARITY is also involved with SmartBay, a marine-research infrastructure of sensors and computational technology located in Galway Bay.

Source: Silicon Valley


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