Cork Cancer Research Centre collaboration with Cornell Medical College in the US

The Cork Cancer Research Centre at UCC is exploring a collaboration with Weill Cornell Medical College – one of the United States’ leading medical colleges. Components of this collaboration will include a medical research fellowship where Irish students will do part of their research in Weill Cornell. Physician exchange between the groups is also anticipated.

The Cork Cancer Research Centre is an innovative centre for research excellence evidenced by its significant progress over the last ten years and the 13 patents it has filed ranging from innovative medical devices to bacterial delivery systems for gene therapies. Its international reputation is growing with its collaborations extending beyond Ireland to partners in Europe and the US. The Centre is making admirable progress in its mission to ensure the application of the research breakthroughs and accelerate of progress in developing new cancer treatments.

Orla Dolan, Director of External Affairs, Cork Cancer Research Centre added: “Our strategy to build research collaboration opportunities in the US is progressing rapidly facilitated by Enterprise Ireland. They have also provided tremendous support for the development of our medical device for the treatment of GI cancers and by providing us with the opportunity to interact with other cancer centres, institutions, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies who are interested in our work.”

Enterprise Ireland’s Director of the Americas Tom Cusack added: “Lifesciences is a dynamic and fast-growing sector in Ireland characterised by commitment to innovation, quality and collaboration. The US is the world’s leading market for innovative, advanced products making it a particularly important market for Ireland’s medical and pharmaceutical companies. Enterprise Ireland will continue to support key life sciences companies to expand into this market and develop meaningful and fruitful research collaborations between centres of excellence on both sides of the Atlantic.”


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