Tyndall breakthrough to revolutionise microchip manufacturing

A team of scientists at the Tyndall National Institute/University College Cork have designed and fabricated the world’s first junctionless transistor that could revolutionise microchip manufacturing in the semiconductor industry.

Prof Jean-Pierre Colinge’s breakthrough on the microchip transistor was published today in Nature Nanotechnology, one of the most prestigious scientific research publications.

The transistor is the fundamental building block in all electronic devices. Since the early seventies the number of transistors in a silicon chip has grown from a few hundred to over two billion transistors on a single chip today. The exponential increase in demand for feature packed electronic devices is driving the semiconductor industry to produce chips that need to be smaller, more energy efficient and more cost effective than ever before. As a consequence transistors are becoming so small that conventional transistor architectures, used since the seventies, can no longer be used… To read more about this breakthrough click here..


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