Internationalisation Register

March 2010, the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland assumes responsibility for administering the Internationalisation Register. From that date, all applications for inclusion of a programme on the register will be processed by the NQAI.

One of the interesting changes in the eligibility criteria is the reference to the Code of Practice

“It should be noted that the NQAI is due to amalgamate with the Further Education andTraining Awards Council (FETAC) and the Higher Education and Training AwardsCouncil (HETAC), incorporating the functions of the Irish Universities QualityBoard, to form a new organisation dealing with qualifications and quality assurance.
The newly amalgamated organisation is expected to be responsible for regulating international education programmes, including the establishment of a Code of Practice and Quality Mark for the provision of programmes of education and training to international learners.
The Code of Practice will include provisions relating to marketing and recruitment, enrolment, fees, information, accommodation, academic matters, support services, protection for learners and complaints procedures. There will also be a requirement for providers to ensure that awards are recognised through the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The Quality Mark will indicate compliance with the Code of Practice. It is envisaged that compliance with the Code of Practice will be linked to immigration measures and access to work. While compliance with the Quality Mark and Code of Practice will not be mandatory, it is envisaged that possession of the Quality Mark will be necessary for inclusion on the Register in the future”

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