New Nanomedical Technology for Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

‘Ireland is now globally recognised for its expertise in the area of nanoscience, as evidenced by the large amounts of non-exchequer funding we are winning through competitive international research projects. Research is a global competition and we need to continue to develop our knowledge base and expertise to make Ireland a true Innovation Centre’

Professor John Boland, Director of CRANN

TCD scientists based at the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), TCD School of Medicine, in collaboration with CRANN, will lead a pan-European team that has attracted funding worth approximately €12m, to develop a cutting edge nanotechnology process which will enable the early and rapid diagnosis of most common cancer types.

Through European Framework Programme 7 (EU-FP7) funding, the scientists aim to create advanced medical diagnostic devices, enabled by nanotechnology, specifically targeted at the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The high-specificity of these devices and their potential to provide a large volume of very specific data in a given period for the detection of the diseases will have a radical impact on the next generation of simple, cost effective diagnostic testing in clinical, laboratory and patient care.

Professor Yuri Volkov, the principal investigator in the Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM) and CRANN, has been awarded the scientific leadership and coordination of a large scale EU-FP7 project in nanomedicine for a four year period. TCD Professors Dermot Kelleher, School of Medicine, John Michael D. Coey, School of Physics and CRANN, and Yurii Gounko, School of Chemistry and CRANN are also collaborators in this project.

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