DIT launches new Medical Device Innovation Programme

The School of Manufacturing & Design Engineering at DIT is commencing the delivery of a new programme in September 2010. This Level 8 programme, a BSc (Hons) in Medical Device Innovation, is a one year add-on for NQAI Level 7 graduates of a wide range of Engineering and Science programmes.

There are currently over 140 medical technology companies in Ireland, exporting €6.2b worth of product annually and employing 24,000 people – the highest number of people working in the industry in any country in Europe, per head of population. Exports represent close to 10% of Ireland’s total exports; and growth prospects for the industry globally are good.

Many of the world’s top medical technology companies have invested significantly in Ireland and a number of exciting, research-based, indigenous companies are emerging and competing internationally. The Irish government has identified the medical technology sector as one of the key drivers of industrial growth for the future and provides a wide range of supports to encourage and foster this growth.

The medical technology industry in Ireland now involves intensive collaboration between a broad range of partners, including research institutions, clinicians, manufacturing companies and government agencies. [ source: Irish Medical Device Association]

The new BSc (Hons) in Medical Device Innovation programme was formulated with industry input in response to a number of recommendations highlighted in the March 2008 Forfás Report on the Future Skills Needs of the Irish Medical Devices Sector. Personnel from the Medical Devices industry provided valuable input ensuring the relevance of the programme content and its delivery.

From consultation with industry the modules to be delivered as part of the programme include:

Anatomy and Physiology
Applied Biomaterials
Computer-Aided Design & Analysis
Basic Principles of Medical Device Technology
Medical Device Analysis
Medical Device Manufacturing
Validation and Regulatory Affairs
Innovation / Project Management
Lean / Six Sigma
Team Design Project
Graduates will be well-positioned to avail of opportunities in the medical device industry in design, manufacturing, technical services, customer support and a range of other areas in this skilled industry. The programme specifically addresses the need to upskill technicians and the provision of professional development within this sector.

For further information go to : www.dit.ie/medicaldeviceinnovation

Source: http://www.dit.ie


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