University of Limerick, George J. Mitchell Scholar

Lily Jeng, MSc Biomedical Engineering

Hello! I am an American doing postgraduate studies at the University of Limerick. I originally come from North Carolina, where I did my undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering. Now, I am in Limerick doing a one-year taught master?s program in biomedical engineering.

This school year at UL has been a period of many great and wonderful opportunities. When I arrived in September, it was my first time to Ireland and to Europe at large. After navigating around the university’ s website and contacting faculty in my program, I chose UL for its good reputation in the sciences and engineering, the interesting research opportunities and projects available, and a biomedical engineering program that sounded interesting and stimulating. It also didn’t hurt that Limerick is located in the scenic western part of the country, close to many of the famous and beautiful tourist attractions in Ireland and near Shannon Airport (an international airport that flies to lots of destinations), making it a great base for doing some traveling throughout Ireland and Europe during the year.

Since I?ve been here, UL and Limerick have treated me well. The university itself is amazing, the campus is large with lots of open green fields, and there is a vibrant student scene. From my on-campus student accommodation, I get a gorgeous view of the river flowing past my bedroom window. If you’ re looking for ways to relax after class, there are clubs and societies that cover a diverse range of interests, there is a gym that boasts a national 50m swimming pool, or there are pubs on campus where you can go for some good craic and a pint with friends. UL is a bit isolated from Limerick city center, allowing a true university community and atmosphere to flourish in the area. Not to worry, though, city center is easily accessible by bus, car, or taxi, and as the third-largest city in Ireland, there is plenty to do in Limerick.

Limerick is well-known for its traditional music scene and its sporting scene, and there are a number of excellent pubs in town where you can experience both the music and the sporting events. Limerick is home to great rugby and hurling teams, and you can easily catch the matches in the local bars and find dedicated fans cheering on the teams. In the evenings, trad musicians will often bring in their instruments and start playing in the pubs, creating a cozy environment for having a Guinness and chatting with your friends. City center also has plenty of good restaurants and shopping areas. One thing not to be missed is the Milk Market, held weekly on Saturday mornings in Limerick, where you can pick up fresh produce and little knick-knacks.

Overall, I’ ve had a great year, both academically and socially. Limerick will always hold a special place in my heart where I?ve created wonderful memories, met great people, and had some unforgettable experiences



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