Call for Applications: ICGEE Ph.D. Scholarships in Engineering

The International Centre for Graduate Education in micro-& nano-Engineering or ICGEE would like to announce its next recruitment drive for funded PhD scholarships. ICGEE is an international, inter-university & inter-disciplinary consortium that brings together eight Irish higher education institutions and five international partners, funded by the Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering & Technology (IRCSET). The objective is to create a new type of doctoral engineering graduate, able to not only participate but play a future leadership role in the 21st century society. Engineering scholars will receive technical training in the Design, Fabrication & Characterization of Electronic, Photonic and Electro-mechanical Micro- and Nano-Systems. Furthermore, scholars will also receive training in Transferable Commercialization and Entrepreneurship skills that will provide the added know-how in their becoming future leaders.

These scholarships are intended for the very best national & international researchers who wish to pursue a PhD in engineering at one of the eight Irish partner institutions within the centre. The PhD research must fit within the ICGEE key research areas: Micro- & Nano-Engineering Design and Materials & Manufacturing. The closing date for applications is Aug 13th, however, there’s a possibility that this may be extended by one extra week.

Any interested students can contact the ICGEE representative in the respective institution [Professor Gerald Farrell] for more advice.


3 thoughts on “Call for Applications: ICGEE Ph.D. Scholarships in Engineering

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  1. I ‘m a lecturer in Kyambogo University in Uganda, lecturing in Engineering materials and Manufacturing processes. I hold a Masters Degree in Vocational and Technical Education with a biase to Manufacturing. I have interests in specialising Casting processes but I ‘m financially handcaped. I applied for ICGEE scholarships but I submitted my interest late and I didn’t have more information about paterner Universities of ICGEE. Please your guidance is highly appreciated. Do I continue to apply to the paterner Universities or not now that I have at least some information about them? Thank you.

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