Education Ireland Fair in Boston a Huge Success!!

Education Ireland and the fourteen top Irish universities and colleges who took part in yesterday’s Study in Ireland Fairs were delighted by the large turn out at the Boston event!! Over 150 students, many with their parents were present and there was a great buzz right through the afternoon until the Fair closed at 8pm.

The students and their parents showed a very genuine interest in learning about study opportunities in Ireland. The individual college stands were very busy and the feedback has been very positive.

Although the Tánaiste (Ireland’s deputy Prime Minister) was unable to attend the many education events which had been arranged throughout the day in Boston to showcase Irish higher education, she was very ably represented by the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Skill. The Secretary General spoke of Ireland’s internationally recognised, quality education system and the many other advantages Ireland offers to American students, such as affordability, instruction through English and strong links to international business and industry. At a breakfast event for key educators the Secretary General emphasised the important timing of these events in the context of Ireland’s new Internationalisation Strategy which was launched last week.

A large group of important American high school, university and business contacts from the Boston area gathered in the evening for a reception hosted by the Consul General. Once again, guests reacted positively to information about the many attributes Ireland offers in the sphere of education, both to prospective students and to further develop linkages with the many important institutions in that region.

IT Sligo signed a memorandum of understanding with Westfield State University (Massachusetts) at the breakfast reception, Monday 27th, 8am-9:15am, Newton Marriott Hotel, Boston.

0210: IT Sligo signed a memorandum of understanding with Wheelock College (Massachusetts) at the Student Fair, Monday 27th, 6:30pm, Newton Marriott Hotel, Boston.


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