Some of Ireland’s leading areas of excellence

In biological and life sciences, Ireland is ranked first in the world in molecular genetics and genomics, third in the world in immunology research and sixth in the world in molecular biology and genetics.

Irish researchers’ output in the physical sciences outstrips the world, EU and OECD averages for impact by citations per paper and in key economically relevant domains such as nanoscience in which Ireland is ranked sixth globally.

In relation to environment and energy, Ireland’s unique natural bounty of tidal, wave and wind energy is the focus of leading research initiatives. The country is also ranked seventh in the world in biofuels and is to the fore of research into alternative energy and new modalities of transportation among others.

Building on over 300 years of tradition in medical education on the island, the excellence and focus of Irish medical scientists has produced the world’s highest impact research output in alzheimer’s disease, while groundbreaking activity in diseases as diverse as cancer, diabetes, psychiatric disorders and innovation in the delivery of new surgical interventions and advanced medical devices have significant socioeconomic benefit.

Grown from the cultural heartbeat of Irish traditional music, through the transformational global phenomena such as U2, Enya and Riverdance and from the stunning decoration of global heritage treasures such as the Book of Kells, to the breadth of output of artists such as Francis Bacon, Harry Clarke and Louis Le Brocquy the impact of Irish creativity in music and the visual arts is globally unparalleled.

The depth of Irish historical scholarship and culture is strongly reflected in the top 50 international ranking of research in the arts and humanities. The pedigree of literature and theatre arising from this small island is hugely significant and the cultural footprint of Irish authors, poets and playwrights on the world stage is immense.

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