Ireland’s Institutes of Technology

Ireland’s 13 Institutes of Technology are flexible and dynamic university-level higher education institutions, which deliver career-focused undergraduate education and training, and industry-focused research and innovation. They are leaders in ensuring that Ireland’s modern economy is supplied with the entrepreneurial, management and technical skills demanded by our knowledge-based industries, and often work in partnership with industry to provide new modes of educational delivery and to facilitate the continuous professional development of the workforce. As such, the Institutes of Technology are generally recognised as a major success story in Irish education, not only in terms of the academic quality of their educational provision, but also for their responsiveness to the needs of students, business, industry and community organisations at the national and regional levels.

High quality and relevant qualifications
The Institutes of Technology operate a unique system that allows students to progress from two year (short-cycle) programmes through Bachelor degree to Masters and Doctoral degrees. They provide programmes that reflect current and emerging knowledge and practices and promote self-management, critical analysis, leadership, decision making and entrepreneurship. Graduates of the Institutes of Technology are skilled in the application of the knowledge, principles and concepts of their chosen discipline. They are life-long learners who remain reflective practitioners throughout their lives. They are effective communicators noted for their cultural and social awareness. In short, they are ready to undertake roles, responsibilities and challenges in business, industry, the professions, public services and society.

The Institutes offer programmes in a wide-range of disciplines, with particular emphasis on the following broad areas:

• Engineering and Architecture, including Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Mechatronics, Marine and Plant Engineering, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Architectural Technology, Quantity Surveying

• Science and Technology including Environmental Science, Biomedical Science, Marine Electrography, Nautical Science, Sustainable Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Process Plant Technology, Biosciences, Biotechnology, Physics, Instrumentation, Nutrition and Health Science, Nursing, Analytical Chemistry, Agriculture, Forestry, Horticulture

• Information , Communications and Creative Technologies including Information systems, Information Technology Support, Cloud computing, Multimedia, Software Development, Computer Networking, Audio Visual Media Technology, Web Engineering, Animation, Film and Television Production, Design,

• Business including Finance, Management, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Supply Chain and Transport Management, Business Information Systems, Business Studies, International Business, Retail Management

• Humanities, including Communications, Languages, Social Studies, Psychology, Cyberpsychology

The Institutes’ awards are included at the highest levels of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications, which in turn is aligned to the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (‘Bologna’ Framework) and the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF). Thus they are recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area and the wider world as quality assured first, second and third cycle qualifications.

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