Trinity College Dublin – Indian Scholarships 2013

Indian Scholarships:

Scholarships valued at €9,000 per year are being offered (for four years) for full-time study in a four-year degree course. The Scholarships can be for any undergraduate course offered in Arts, Humanities, Social Science, Science, Computer Science and Engineering.


The Scholarships are highly competitive and awarded on academic ability and performance in one of the following: IB, A-levels, and Class XII or equivalent examinations.
• Students must have a current offer of a place for undergraduate study at Trinity College Dublin.
• Students already studying at Trinity College Dublin are not eligible for this Scholarship.
• Applicants must be Indian nationals and not resident in the EU.
Sixteen postgraduate scholarships for the year beginning September 2013 are being offered in any of the university’s taught masters courses. Five scholarships valued at €3,000 are available in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, five in the Faculty of Health Sciences and four in the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science. A further two research scholarships valued at €6,000 per year for three years are available for full-time study on a PhD programme in any discipline.


Candidates must demonstrate academic ability and performance. The scholarships will be competitively awarded based on the results in a relevant undergraduate degree.
• Candidates pursuing taught postgraduate courses are eligible for 14 scholarships in arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, mathematics, science and health sciences.
• Candidates pursuing postgraduate research courses are eligible for two scholarships in engineering, mathematics and science.
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship at Trinity College Dublin please contact us at


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