WIT Indian ‘Wicket Scholarship’ 2013/2014

Scholarships are available to anyone who has completed their 12th Standard, or undergraduate degree at a recognised High School/University in India. Where applicants have attended University, they must prove that their degree is recognised by the University Grants Commission.

WIT accepts some applicants from Independently run Private Colleges, depending on their ranking and reputation. Awards will be valued upto 50% of the full fees for postgraduate programmes and 25% off each year of an undergraduate degree.


•Evidence of English Language proficiency, for example the completion of an IELTS exam, or equivalent with an over all band score of 6.5

•Successful completion of High School/University Degree with a minimum average of 68%

•For entry to masters programmes, applicants must have no backlogs during the 3/4 years of their degree

•Demonstration of relevant work experience and willingness to work in a field relevant to your degree, following graduation (relevant for entry to masters courses, in particular when there is a gap between the time applicants finished their degree and when they are applying to study at WIT)

For further information on the WIT Indian ‘Wicket Scholarship’ or to ascertain if you are eligible, please email Mr. John Joe O’Farrell (jjofarrell@wit.ie).

Check out what WIT’s Student Ambassador has to say about studying in Waterford!!
Have a look at the WIT website

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