Are you interested in the Pharmaceutical industry? If you are you might be interested in DIT’s MOOC!!

Dublin Institute of Technology, in association with DPS Education and Training Ltd, is going live with the first Irish Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). This three-week introduction to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing will explore how medicines are manufactured and how quality and safety are managed in this highly regulated industry in order to ensure patient safety. Enrolment on the pharmaMOOC is open to all, and the content will be facilitated by Dr. Anne Greene (DIT) and Dr. Joe Brady (DPS).

By its nature, a MOOC aims to make course content available freely online so that prospective students can take a course anywhere in the world. The content in this first DIT course will be presented in a practical and easy to understand format, with videos and detailed supporting materials, practical examples, live streamed sessions, and online collaborations via discussion forums, Facebook and Twitter. A certificate of attendance will be presented to all those who participate fully in the pharmaMOOC and who pass the weekly wrap-up quizzes.

“So you want to work in the pharmaceutical industry?” is aimed at a very broad range of prospective learners from all continents. According to Dr. Anne Greene, DIT School of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, “We hope the pharmaMOOC will be interesting to learners, and that they will complete the three-week course. It will also act as a ‘taster’ for DIT’s BSc in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products (DT291), and our Continuing Professional Development courses, e(Bio) PharmaChem and e-Validation, all of which are available on-line, should any learners wish to progress further with their education in the area”

Dr. Joe Brady, DPS, is also looking forward to seeing how learners joining this very innovative course react to its delivery and its content. “Not only is this the first MOOC designed and launched in Ireland, it is also the first of its kind in the pharma sector so we expect quite a lot of interest in a number of markets.”

The MOOC is being hosted on CourseSites, a supported cloud-based learning system provided by Blackboard Inc, CourseSites, which incorporates integrated learning tools that facilitate mobile learning on a wide range of devices, hosts MOOCs for many universities and will allow prospective learners from across the world to avail of the opportunity to sign up for this free online course.

To read more about the pharmaMOOC and to sign up for the course go to  

The course starts on 13 May 2013.

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