MSc in Human Rights at UCD

The United States of America has a distinctive approach to human rights. It has historically seen its mission as advancing what it sees as peculiarly American values, rather than promoting universal human rights. For this reason, and for reasons of strategic interest, the practice and language of human rights are weaker in the USA than in any developed country. There are, as a result, relatively few Master’s level programmes in the field of human rights. The ones that are in existence generally take two years, and have higher fees per year than the non-EU fees charged by UCD, so that our programme offers students considerable value for money. It also allows them to study human rights in a vibrant European capital with many opportunities to see our very different approach to human rights and to consider the workings of the most effective system of human rights protection in the world.

UCD’s programme is interdisciplinary, providing a grounding in the theory and politics of human rights, as well as extensive study of international and European human rights law. Dublin provides a remarkable set of opportunities for students interested in human rights. UCD’s programme is well placed to help students maximize these opportunities, because of our contacts with national, European and international public institutions, as well as Irish and international NGOs.

How much does it cost?


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Dr. Graham Finlay


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