MSC in Environmental Policy at UCD

University College DublinThe MSc in Environmental Policy is  one of the only programmes specifically dedicated to Environmental Policy in Europe. It draws not only on the wealth of academic experience in this area within UCD but also on the skills of professional Environmental Policy practitioners in order to provide a student with both an understanding of theory and practical transferable skills.

The principle resource of any academic course is the knowledgebase of its staff and the MSc in Environmental Policy draws on an interdisciplinary knowledgebase that provides students with knowledge, transferrable skills and professional tools for environmental problem solving on a global and local scale. These tools would be applicable to Environmental Practice throughout the world, and US applicants have already noted that they have not found comparable courses at home. Being a postgraduate course, lectures are generally small, allowing students excellent opportunity to interact directly with lecturers who are experts in their field. US students on GPEP courses have cited this opportunity for interaction as a definite positive. The combination of academic experience and professional practitioner input means the course provides an excellent toolkit for students preparing for professional careers. The course is interdisciplinary in nature, with optional modules provided by the Schools of Architecture and Biology and Environmental Science.   The dissertation requirement gives students the opportunity to develop a piece of extended personal research that can serve as a basis for either potential Doctoral development or for a future career. US students in the past have noted that they enjoyed the fact that they were encouraged to use their dissertation research to inform other coursework, heightening the feeling of integration within the curriculum.  In 2013, 76% of applications to the 11th March are international, with many coming from the US and Canada, indicating an internationally attractive programme that gives a global perspective on Environmental Policy.

How much does it cost?


Are there any scholarships?

UCD International offers 4-5 full tuition Graduate Global Excellence Scholarships for US students across Colleges

Where can I find more information about this course? 

Who can I contact to get more information about this course and scholarship?

Enda Carroll


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