LLM in Human Rights in Criminal Justice at the University of Limerick

The programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of this ever-developing area of the law; above all students will be encouraged to assess the merit of mainstreaming human rights within the criminal justice system.  The first semester will provide a strong grounding in European and international human rights law as well as introducing students to some fundamental criminal justice theory.  By the end of the second semester, students will be equipped with the knowledge to critically assess the capacity of criminal justice systems to endure the protection of human rights.  Completion of a dissertation will then allow students to develop their acquired research skills by focussing on a particular area of interest.      On a practical level, this master’s degree will prepare graduates for work in the field of international human rights and criminal justice/policing, domestic and international organisations, non-governmental organisations and as individual advocates incorporating human rights and criminal justice theory into practice.  Students entering the programme with an approved law degree will be awarded an LL.M. whereas all other students (non-law) will be awarded an M.A. on successful completion of the taught and research elements of the programme.

The programme aims to merge the two areas, human rights and criminal justice, replacing the traditional approach of human rights modules being separate from those relating to criminal justice. This encourages the fusion of human rights studies into the criminal justice process.

How much does it cost?


Who should I contact for more information about this course?

Gerard Coffey Ger.Coffey@ul.ie


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