MA in Global Ethics at UCC

The MA in Global Ethics is a 1-year (12 months) programme. The MA in Global Ethics is the first programmatic area being developed within the joint programmes of the School of Sociology and Philosophy. The MA and Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy and Sociology address the ethical dimensions of globalization, including human rights, territorial justice, climate change, global citizenship, non-Western philosophy, gender politics and cosmopolitanism.

The programme will bring together key themes arising within and between the two disciplines such as:    territory and global justice;  the philosophy and sociology of human rights;  the status of transnational public opinion;  climate justice;  the legitimacy of international law;  problems and pathologies of contemporary civilization;  cosmopolitanism;  east-west perspectives;  conflict theories;  democracy and participation;  feminist ethics;  globalization and development;  the contemporary crisis of capitalism;  global citizenship;  epistemological, ontological and methodological dimensions of researching global ethical issues.    The scholarship of teaching and research represented in the programme is truly international in scope, drawing from scholars from around the world with specializations in many of the major regions. It involves an innovative collaboration between the disciplines of philosophy and sociology that offers students strong foundations in both theory and research. Completing the course will provide students with good academic and vocational opportunities associated with this key emerging field.    The School of Sociology and Philosophy contains two very high achieving departments. It is jointly composed of approximately twenty academic staff who pursue separate interests associated with both disciplines but who also overlap in ways highly suited to the proposed programme on global ethics with many joint seminars, summer schools and other cooperative activities.

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Who should I contact for more information about this course?

Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi 

For more information about UCC go to


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