MSC in Equality Studies at UCD

 University College DublinThe M.Sc. in Equality Studies is the only graduate programme of its kind in Europe and has consistently attracted students of high academic ability from all continents in the world. Among the reasons for its attractiveness is its strong allegiance to academic rigour, its deliberate approach of linking theory to action for justice, its collaborative and dialogical approach to teaching and learning, and its openness intellectually to different theoretical and experiential perspectives on how to resolve global, regional and local injustices.  As the team in the Equality Studies Programme are drawn from on a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, economics, political theory, law, feminist theory and public policy, it offers a unique opportunity for North American students to examine equality, human rights and social justice issues from a range of academic perspectives. Students have the opportunity to specialise in particular areas of interest (notably capitalism and social justice, gender justice and feminism, global inequalities, minorities, discrimination and human rights). Such specialisations are possible due not only to the wide range of options available directly in the programme, but also through the links that the programme has across the university with other colleges and schools through its Egalitarian World Initiative Network.  

 There is a strong emphasis on high quality teaching and taking care of our graduate students in the School of Social Justice and the Equality Studies Centre where the programme is based. Our graduates consistently give the programme the highest possible rating in annual evaluations.   As staff teaching on the M.Sc. programme have strong links with North American universities, they understand the interests of North American students and will provide them with a critical view of equality and social justice (including feminist) issues their own country from an external European standpoint. The strong links with US universities are exemplified by the visitors to the Equality Studies programme in 2012-13 including the renowned Professor and New Left theorist at University of Wisconsin Madison, and leading expert on Marxism in the US, Professor Erik Olin Wright, the activist and feminist organiser, Selma James and the Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, Patricia Hill Collins, who is recognised globally for her work on Black Activism and Black Feminism.   • The School of Social Justice is widely respected for its work with minority and marginalised groups in Ireland and other EU countries, it has very strong links with activists outside the university. It works with community groups and with statutory bodies to bring about egalitarian-led change.  The ongoing interchange of ideas that takes place between community leaders, activists and academics is also something that makes the M.Sc. in Equality Studies an exciting and challenging academic experience.   • The graduates in Equality Studies work in all walks of life, including politics, law, education, public policy, voluntary and community work, and the professions. A significant number also move on to pursue doctoral studies at top universities around the world.

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 Enda Carroll


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