MA in Ethics, Culture and Global Change at UCD

University College DublinThe UCD Masters in Humanitarian Action (MHA) is a multi-disciplinary postgraduate programme that provides high quality academic education and professional competencies for personnel working in or intending to work in the area of humanitarian action. There is an emphasis on competence based learning throughout the programme. This allows graduates to avail of an applied approach to humanitarian action and equips students with the required knowledge and skills to address humanitarian issues when entering employment.

The Master’s in Humanitarian Action gives American students the opportunity to connect with European humanitarian actors, while maintaining links with the States through UCD Centre for Humanitarian Action’s strong partnerships with DG ECHO, the Network on Humanitarian Action, and Fordham and Columbia Universities in New York in particular.     Students will gain expertise vital for a career in humanitarian action. Experienced humanitarian practitioners and academics, as well as representatives of a range of disciplines across the community deliver specialised seminars in their area of expertise. Classes in the programme are largely participatory and students’ input is highly encouraged and valued. In addition, there are group discussions, group assignments, individual assignments, and practical simulation exercises. In order to facilitate an introduction for all students to the humanitarian sector, there is also a series of guest lectures by professionals from humanitarian organisations.

How much does it cost?


Are there any scholarships available?

UCD International offers 4-5 full tuition Graduate Excellence Scholarships to US students across Colleges  A small amount of scholarships are available to students through our partner umbrella organisation, NOHA:

Where can I get more information about this course?

Who can I contact about this course?

Enda Carroll


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