MA in Broadcast Production for Radio & TV @ IADT

IADT LogoIADT is home to Ireland’s National Film School and has a long tradition in specialised industry focussed programmes.  The MA in Broadcast Production for Radio and TV is production-centred programme and will interest graduates of any discipline who wish to acquire editorial and production skills in radio and television broadcasting as well as those who want specialist skills in areas such as programme research and production funding for broadcast. The programme equips students with the essential production practices to pursue a career in radio and television production, as well as those who want specialist skills in areas such as programme research, and production funding for broadcast or online media.

The MA includes studio production techniques; editorial and scriptwriting skills; single and multi-camera operation; microphone and sound recording skills; production management; radio and television presentation, production and direction; editing for radio and television.  Students also learn about editorial content for programme genres, from news to culture and arts, sports to current affairs, light entertainment to documentary, chat shows to political analysis.  It provides students with creative and technical production skills specific to radio and television broadcasting; a portfolio of production projects (such as news, current affairs, magazine and light entertainment shows); a knowledge of professional production roles specific to radio and television; an expanded network of professional contacts in radio and television; an understanding of new production contexts; a range of transferable skills in areas such as project management and teamwork.   

The testimony of Therese Purcell, one of last year’s graduates is emphatic.:   “I only decided to go back to college in July / August of 2011 and after doing some research into other   masters courses I came across IADT’s masters programme. I came back as a mature student after   having worked as a graphic deisgner for 4 years and have always wanted to work in broadcasting.   My hours had been cut at work so I thought it was now or never to go back to college. This course   offered me exactly what I was looking for in terms of further education and my career. The course   focuses on the practical side of broadcasting and has a very hands on approach when it comes to   both radio and television. The lecturers all work or have worked in the industry and have a realistic   approach to the work. They are all very approachable and offer a unique insight into the workings of   the broadcast media in Ireland.     We had good access to Radio and Television studios. I was able to use the radio studio outside of   college hours and make podcasts for student websites ( which helped me hone my   skills as a broadcaster. The class is small, there was only 15 of us this year, therefore access to help   when needed wasn’t a chore.”

Tuition: € 6000

For more information about  IADT  and this course please visit IADT’s website or contact Tara Ryan


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