Today Ireland is recognized globally for both its approach to investment in science and for the scientific excellence it produces. “is marks a dramatic change from as recently as the 1980’s when Irish research output was ranked with much of the developing world. Now Ireland is one of the top 20 nations in the world for citation – a key measure of research quality and here are some of the reasons why:

 CULTURE OF INNOVATION: Out of 141 economies, Ireland ranks in the top 10 in the global innovation index 2012.

 EDUCATION: Ireland is ranked in the 10 best-educated countries in the world with a higher percentage of 3rd level graduates than UK, US and OECD averages.

INVESTMENT: A cornerstone of Irish Government economic and social policy is to prioritize the funding of the national R&D infrastructure. The Science Foundation of Ireland has committed €1.5 billion in investment funds to date with an annual budget of over €150 million to fund research development for a total population in Ireland of 4.5 million.

 RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE: Ireland has a network of internationally recognized research institutions and centers committed to world class research activities in science and engineering. Linked nationally and internationally these interdisciplinary teams have a reputation for producing research of global significance.

 INTERNATIONALIZATION: Irish researchers are engaged with over 1900 international partnerships in more than 60 countries.

 HIGH TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM: Many of the worlds leading high technology companies, especially in the ICT, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices sectors have located key Research & Development facilities in Ireland.


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