MA in Screenwriting for Film and Television @IADT

IADT LogoIADT offers the widest portfolio of full-time film and media courses in the country, including Film; Animation; Televison; Production Design; Modelmaking and Special FX for Film and Media; Make-Up; Radio; and Interactive Media. IADT has won awards at the inaugural 02 National Digital Media Awards: Best College/University as well as the overall Grand Prix for the most outstanding contribution to the digital media sector in Ireland. The MA offers candidates an invaluable opportunity to learn and develop the highest professional skills in the art and craft of scriptwriting, focusing on the development, writing and redrafting of a full-length screenplay.

The IADT MA in Screenwriting for Film and TV aims to inspire you to develop the art and craft of screenwriting and related ancillary skills to a high level. You will have already demonstrated an aptitude for writing (through your undergraduate studies or your portfolio work), and by the end of the programme you will have written a full-length feature script or a pilot episode of a television drama.    You will also acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the craft of screenwriting, and will have gained a clear understanding of the stages of writing from idea to final draft.  You will quickly appreciate the opportunities that exist in the film and television industries, as well as matters relating to copyright and contracts.    Careers may be found in the Film/Television industry as screenwriters, script editors and/or in teaching.  Modules covered include The Craft of Screenwriting, Film History, Dramatic Traditions.

Tuition Costs:  €6000

For more information about this course please contact Tara Ryan and to find out more about the college please visit their website


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