M.A. Public Culture Studies @ IADT

IADT LogoPublic Culture refers to public policies, ideas, communication and behaviour in society. It also deals with the relationship between individuals and the state. Key areas of interest include public/private culture and public life, citizenship, the mechanisms of governments, the media, the arts and the public realm. Public Culture Studies is also an emerging field in the arts, most notably in the area of the arts, arts activism, arts and critiques, and cultural policy.

This programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to public cultures in Ireland and internationally. It is ideal for recent graduates from a range of humanities disciplines who wish to build their knowledge. It also offers those in media, new media, the public sector and arts advocacy an opportunity to acquire a postgraduate qualification. On completion of this programme, students will be able to:

  • Construct your own intellectual pathways from a range of specialised courses, featuring different fields of study within the context of public culture
  • Explore and evaluate the impact of state policy on cultural practices
  •  Read, interpret and critically evaluate public documents
  •  Engage with the complex and unpredictable issues and problems arising within the field of public culture, and reflect critically on and develop responsible solutions.

Applicants can pursue careers as community arts leaders, cultural planners, public policy advisors and developers, arts advocates and researchers or, as a public activist, they will be dedicated to strengthening communities, furthering civic identity and advancing the field of public culture.

This MA is recognised as the entry-level standard for research based PhD programmes, which are providing increasingly important pathways for professionals in the public sphere and in the arts.

1) This is a unique Masters programme   – public culture studies.

2) This programme  prepares graduates for the labour market and Ph.D research.

3) This programme is very suitable for international students with research interests

Tuition costs: €6000

For more information contact Dr. Josephine Browne josephine.browne@iadt.ie

For more information about IADT please visit their website www.iadt.ie


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