Journalism/Writing/Literature@ Trinity College Dublin

This course offers an opportunity for the advanced study of popular literature and its strange place within modern culture. It traces the history of popular genres such as horror, science fiction, romance, pornography, fantasy and detective fiction, and offer a comprehensive introduction to contemporary theories of the popular. Participants will also choose from a range of specialist options on particular aspects of the popular, and study research methods. This M.Phil. will provide an invaluable base for those who wish to do further graduate study, but will also appeal to those who wish to develop their critical skills and knowledge in relation to an important aspect of contemporary culture.

The School of English at Trinity College Dublin has established itself over the past decade as the major international centre for the academic study of Popular Literature, and the M.Phil attracts students from all over the world. Members of staff teaching on the course have expertise in areas as varied as Victorian Children’s literature, the Irish Gothic, detective fiction, fantasy and Science Fiction, British and American horror, Victorian Popular Literature, Cyberculture, the dime novel, popular poetry and song, comic books and graphic novels, and Chick Lit. In addition, students on the course will also take part in seminars with School of English Adjunct Professor Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the most popular authors in the world, and a regular visitor to Trinity . Participants in the M.Phil., the first of its kind, will be part of a long-established and vigorous academic community. Many of our graduates have gone on to study Popular Literature at PhD level.


Tuition Costs: € 12,600

For more information about this course please visit Trinity College’s website or contact Dr Bernice M. Murphy

For more information about studying in Ireland please visit the Education in Ireland website!






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