European Studies @ Trinity College Dublin

The uniqueness of the program lies in its interdisciplinary focus. Unlike the majority of similar courses that focus almost exclusively on the European integration process and its political, social and economic consequences, the European Studies MPhil at Trinity addresses broader questions in relation to the idea of Europe and the formation of identities in a European context. The course offers a wide range of options across several disciplines including history of ideas, cultural history, cultural studies, history, classics, politics and sociology.

The program is designed to attract students with a broad intellectual interest in Europe. The course focuses on the idea of Europe, and the way notions of Europe developed over time. The relationship of the European idea and the construction of geopolitical categories and identity forms (the West, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Mediterranean Europe, etc.) are discussed in great detail, and from various disciplinary angles.

No previous education in European Studies is required from applicants therefore the course is perfectly suitable for those non-EU students who would like to make their first in-depth intellectual encounter with Europe, and are willing to discover the complex cultural, historical and political dimensions of the European idea.

The program offers an ideal opportunity for American students to study Europe: it is taught through English and in a structure that is similar to the American university system. Dublin with its multicultural vibe creates a perfect social and cultural background for studying Europe, and it is extremely well-connected to the rest of the continent and the US through air transport. Ireland’s strong commitment to the European project is another good reason for choosing Trinity.

Tuition Costs: €11, 585

For more information about this course please contact  Balazs Apor or visit Trinity College’s website

For more information studying in Ireland please visit the Education in Ireland website


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