Multimedia/Film/TV/Digital @Trinity College Dublin

This is one of only a handful of Masters in digital humanities in the world. Our course melds theory with practice and students have opportunities to build digital artifacts. The course also features an internship every spring in which students work intensively with a DH project at Trinity College Dublin or within one of Dublin’s many cultural heritage institutions.

This M.Phil. provides a platform for a technically innovative research path within the humanities giving students the opportunity to engage with a new and dynamic area of research. It provides them with the technologies, methodologies, and theories for digitally-mediated humanities providing a framework for new and bold research questions to be asked that would have been all but inconceivable a generation ago.    Digital humanists do create digital artefacts from digital scholarly editions to virtual worlds. But we also study how these media affect and are transforming the disciplines in which they are used.

The computational tools and methods used in Digital Humanities cut across disciplinary practice to provide shared focal points, such as the preservation and curation of digital data, the aesthetics of the digital (from individual objects to entire worlds), as well as the creation of the born-digital.

Tuition Costs: €12,750

For more information about this course please contact Susan Schreibman or visit Trinity College Dublin’s website. 

For  more information about studying in Ireland go to Education in Ireland 


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