Masters in History @Trinity College Dublin

Trinity’s Medieval MPhil is distinguished by its wide-ranging coverage of medieval culture and thought,  by the diversity of materials that it considers, and by its exciting combination of language skills, methodological training, and cultural options. It succeeds in giving a flavour of the huge interdisciplinary panorama of medieval studies, and equipping students with the knowledge they need in order to proceed further along some of the pathways that they discover during their year with us.  Also, it’s based in the beautiful and historic campus of Trinity College Dublin, at the heart of one of Europe’s liveliest  capital cities.

American students will find distinguished professors, a vibrant international student body, and an ancient university that values its students as individuals. There are 100+ sports clubs and student societies, catering for almost every taste. There’s a world-class Library, with 4.5 million books and fine manuscript collections. We speak English, yet we’re European. Dublin has low-priced air connections to cities all over Britain and the Continent. We’re within walking distance of major art galleries, museums, theaters, literary centers and concert venues. Irish people are friendly and get along well with Americans, partly because we like arguing with them. And the degrees we award are taken seriously in every part of the world.

Tuition Costs: 11,585

To find out more about this course please go to or contact

To find out more about studying in Ireland please visit the Education in Ireland website


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