MA Applied Linguistics @ UCC

MA Applied Linguistics: Explore how Language Works at UCC

Through a range of courses in Applied Linguistics, the programme applies various lenses to the study of language and language-related issues.

This one-year MA programme will appeal to a wide range of people, including present and future language teachers, and those interested in language studies, linguistics and communications. Those applying for the programme should have, or expect to have prior to starting the programme, a BA degree in a language subject, or acceptable equivalent. While previous study of Linguistics is not required, the course will specifically interest language graduates and those with an interest in language issues in society and a language-related career, such as language teaching and education, journalism, communications, media, public relations, speech and language therapy.

The programme provides a solid grounding in various branches of Applied Linguistics, such as sociolinguistics, first and second language acquisition, bilingualism, and language education. The programme firstly provides the tools to describe language from various analytical perspectives such as in relation to Phonetics and Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, and Pragmatics. Secondly, the programme provides insight and training in various branches of Applied Linguistics. Students have considerable scope for specialisation in a research area of specific interest to them through the thesis component. Individual supervision is provided for the purposes of the thesis through regular meetings between the supervisor and student. Faculty members work in a wide range of research areas, where their work is internationally recognised through international publications, collaborations, and invited lectures.

A further strength of the programme is the training students receive in Research Methods, thereby developing generic skills which graduates will continue to draw upon in their future careers as well as in subsequent study at doctoral level for example. Teaching on the course is further complemented by a number of invited guest speakers who are international specialists in their field, and who reflect student interests in a particular year. The programme begins in late September, with course teaching ending in March. Students submit their theses in early October. The programme involves attendance at lectures and seminars, the writing of course papers and completion of other assessed tasks.

Past graduates are pursuing careers in a wide range of areas, such as language teaching and education, communications, journalism, speech and language therapy, among others. Some graduates also choose to continue their studies at doctoral level through the PhD programme in Applied Linguistics that is offered at University College Cork. The generic skills that underlie the Research Methods training and the skills of analysis and interpretation that underlie the programme as a whole have been shown to be particularly fruitful in graduates’ subsequent professional and academic lives.

Commenting on her experience of the programme, U.S. student, Caitlin Jacobs writes, “The professors teaching the MA in Applied Linguistics classes all made themselves very accessible both inside and outside the classroom. I enjoyed the group cohesion that came from having all of my classes with the same group, and the small size allowed discussions to be particularly rich.”

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