Guest Blog: An American Entrepreneur in Trinity

The World of Trinity


Originally from Texas, I grew up and went to college in Florida. I was born in 1984, the year Apple released the Macintosh and computers officially became “fun.” More importantly, this was the year that marked a drastic shift in the attitude towards the cultural adaption of technology.

Those who were born post ‘84 are known as “Millennials” and are “digital natives” who don’t remember a time without personal computers or the World Wide Web. They grew up in the digital world with online connectivity being an integral part of their lives. The future of technological innovation will be shaped and defined by this generation.

My story really began in college when I first took on a role as research assistant at the University of Central Florida (UCF) computer graphics research group. On the first week of the job, I was asked by my boss to come up with a…

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