Coming Back to Dublin from a Year on Exchange

The World of Trinity

It’s over, I’m back! Now where’s the fun fair, the balloons, the parade? It’s as if the people I pass on the streets as I come from the airport don’t know where I’ve been, what I’ve done. My memories of a year the other side of the Atlantic (in Toronto) still echo within my head, yet no one around is aware of the journey I’ve taken.

Instead of the maze of narrow winding streets that map across Dublin, I am used to straight ordered lines that stretch for miles in every direction. Toronto’s sports bars filled with photos of hockey legends have been replaced by Dublin’s warm cozy pubs. Ice becomes rain, and I have lost my status as an exotic European (darn!)


Nothing has changed, and yet everything feels foreign. Being back in Dublin is a weird mix of relief and nostalgia; I’m home again, and it’s like I…

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