Hi! I’m Michelle..

Hi guys, you’re probably thinking that this is  a very informal post for the Study in Ireland blog, but that exactly what I’m aiming for! (Hope you like it?)

But first, let me introduce myself. I’m Michelle and currently an intern in the Education in Ireland team. Therefore, I am one of you, a student! Now I don’t travel a million miles across the world for an education, but I come from a place called Co. Cavan. For some of you who have never experienced the different cultures of Cavan, let me tell you it’s a whole different world compared to the capital of Ireland, Dublin. It’s a place where you never call into the neighbours between the hours of half seven and nine, as they are milking the cows and people travel to church in tractors. Different? I know.. but I love it! So in some sense I too have had to adapt to new surroundings and the experience of moving away for college, out of the comfort zone. As I am now a third year DCU student I kind of know the ropes of Dublin, from food to bars, from budgeting to college work. I’d like to think I’ve mastered them by now!

So, my aim is to create this amazing place here, where you can come and exchange our experiences of being a student in Ireland, have the “craic” (it means fun in Irish, nothing else..) and learn more about the other side of college. Meeting new people,  travelling the world, the experiences you encounter on a daily basis, like buses, the 13, the 44, the 27B there are so many!!!!! (You think there all the same at the start!!.. They’re not!)

Where Irish student meets international student.

This part of the blog should be from a student perspective and portray what the life of a student in Ireland is really like! To kick-start I’ve already started the Top Five… in Ireland. But I want to do more, and I need your  help! I’ll need funny stories, recommendation, photos and videos!! I basically want to make this element of the blog your story, which we can share with the world and show how great Ireland really is!

That's me on the right , looking ridiculous as always! And the other girl is my bestfriend/side-kick, Ashleigh!
That’s me on the right , looking ridiculous as always! And the other girl is my bestfriend/side-kick, Ashleigh!

Catch us on Twitter at @EduIreland or Facebook and tell us you’re story! Check out our website Education in Ireland !


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