Ireland, That Little Bit of Everything

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So lads, I got thinking.. what on earth was I going to write for my next blog!  I had total writer block all week, it was driving me insane!!! Seeing as I am not a journalist student, but a marketing one, working in my first marketing role. I’m always trying to find something which will inspire me! But it was only small ideas which kept popping into my head. Nothing worth talking about in my eyes, but then I realised, it’s the small things that matter! (And there was a lot of small things I was thinking about!) So basically it was a little bit of everything, about Ireland! Which made me come to the conclusion, Ireland is that little bit of everything.    

You have all come to Ireland for different reasons, maybe it was the only place which supplies your educational need, maybe to travel, or even to get away from your parents! I don’t know.. (But I want to! So, send me your stories!!!) But between all of you no two reasons will be identical!

As I have not travelled much Ireland seems insignificant to me!

Grim statement, I know!

But is that not why we travel? To see something different, something we have never seen before! Not to travel half way across the world to see something I can see in my very own back garden! The beauty of it vanishes the more we see it. As beautiful as it is, we Irish take Ireland’s beauty for granted. Or, more realistic, “How many rainy days did we need to put up with for that green, green grass!!”. But people from across the world love it! For example, my dad’s aunt lives in America, she comes home on a yearly basis and never fails to say “I forgot how green the grass is!”. I have never travelled to see the grass “on the other side”, I don’t know is it greener? So some day, when I’m rich and famous, I plan to travel  the world and see what Ireland is not!  I want to be able to become aware of how unique and beautiful Ireland really is, not by reading it in a tourist manual, but see it with my own eyes! Many of you have come for the beauty of Ireland and others not so much, but realistically it’s hard not to see it when it’s all around you!

Another thing which recently caught my eye is, Ireland artwork! From the streets to the Celtic tomb, Ireland is covered in art. It really has that little bit of everything! Later in the week I plan to publish a blog on street art to see in Dublin and it will really show the talented work out there! It’s just amazing!

Oh, and pub banter! This is one thing I can relate to, (whenever I do get to go overseas) I somehow, “accidentally” stroll into the local public houses! Now I’m not saying anywhere out of Ireland there is no craic. But Ireland has a unique ability to create an environment, which can bring people together like a community and eat, drink and cheer like they have known each other for years, even if it was the first time they met the person!  This cannot be complete though without the “banter”. For you who have never heard of the banter or bants, it is a mystical power spread by the leprechaun’s, which is placed upon Irish people when among other people! In other words, it’s an Irish way of saying we can have a laugh with anyone and everyone!

And lastly, since it is that time of year again of the All Ireland Final, I have really got to see Ireland passion. Not only for GAA but for anything they love! Let it be Guinness, stew, GAA, or their mammies! (An Irish person will never turn down a “mammies dinner”). They pride themselves on anything which is close to their hearts. In terms of GAA, if you were to walk into a pub in Donegal or Kerry this Sunday, there will be people screaming, cheering, chanting and crying! The All Ireland Final is one of the most significant events in an Irish calendar (even if their county didn’t make it). A side will always be picked and they will  scream, cheer, and chant like their biggest fans! Showing that it’s not the winning or the losing that matters (speaking on behalf of every county other than Donegal and Kerry) but the in between! The craic, the banter, and the excitement, in await of who’s going to pop the ball over the bar next!

Ireland is not just these things, if I was to write about all of them, I swear it would be longer than the Great Wall of China. And nobody has got time for that! These small things that would usually pass me by is what makes Ireland, Ireland!  So, I feel we have that little bit of everything! And if we didn’t I don’t think many people would want to come to Ireland! It just makes it that small bit more magical! ..Other than the leprechaun’s of course! 

To learn more about Education in Ireland, click the image above or the following link:


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