My Time in DCU.. So Far!

My Time in DCU.. So Far!
My Time in DCU.. So Far!

It’s Wednesday, and the mid-week blues have set in!

I’m missing college! As part of my course, Marketing Innovation & Technology we are required to take part in a year-long work placement, also known as INTRA. This fantastic opportunity is brilliant all round in educational terms, it gives you work experience, and puts all the theory you have learned into practice! It also gives you a taste of  what it nine to five job is like, which is a total shock to the system after being able to do whatever I pleased in college and to go out whenever I wanted to.

Its half way through the first week back and religiously, once I get into bed my phone starts beeping with notification from Snapchat! .. The newest love of my life! (My favorite app) ..And is also the bane of my life! Reason being it is making me very envious of my friends! They are living the high life going to shows, partying and visiting others! I could act like, “Ha, you’re not getting any experience! Naa naa na naaah!”. But realistically, I’m young and just want to have a good time!
So in this time of need, I decided to talk about My Time in DCU.. So Far! I need to remember the good times. The summer balls, the places I’ve visited and the mystery tours I’ve gone on. When I think back I’ve had a great time! I also feel that this will be a great insight into the life of an Irish student and see the differences and similarities between mine and yours.

So, first year!

What a year, I must say! I moved away from home for the first time, I came to the “Big Smoke” a tender age of eighteen, without any of my friends by my side. Of course I was scared, questions where always buzzing around my head “How do I use the oven?”, “How long do I leave clothes in the dryer for?”. ..I soon found Pot Noodles and realised mam will do the washing when I get home at the weekends! But, college scared me more, I had never written an assignment, “What is the layout of an assignment?”, “Do I put my name, or my student number down?”, “Referencing? What is referencing?.  It was all new, but one element of college, I knew too well was the aim of making new friends. As I am also an Access Student, I had to come up a week earlier than others to do a separate orientation week, which was the best week ever!!! I made so many friends, ones that I still keep in regular contact with! This made my first week that bit easier as I had already got to know a few faces and that was the start of it!
I travelled all across the country that year, I was in Sligo, Monaghan, and Galway  to name but a few. In between my ventures, I made an appearance at numerous shows and balls arranged by the college, such as, the Valentines Ball, Summer Ball, a hypnotist act, and the B&E Ball! There was never a week that I had nothing to do. It was a fun-filled year, which I could relive each and everyday!    

These are just a few memories that stand out (or suitable for the internet) from My Time in DCU.. So Far!  Like I said I’m only young, and only half way through my college degree! So who knows what the next two years will bring!

Now you know my story, we’d like to hear yours! Send them to us on Twitter or Facebook, we love a good laugh!!


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