Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch at Halloween

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So as I mentioned in my post on Monday, I was going to put together some Halloween related posts over the next coming weeks, and no better way to start the eerie celebrations other than to share my Top 10 Scary Movies to Watch For Halloween! Some are the most gruesome, disturbing movies I have ever seen! And others not so much, there’s a good selection to suit all horror tastes. All scary nonetheless, as I’ve watched all of them with the lights on and didn’t sleep for days after! (To be on the safe side ya’know!!)

But I can promise you this if your looking for a good scare look no further!

1. The Others (2001)

the-others.jpg 1


Based on the Isle of Jersey, in the final days of  World War II. We learn the story of a lady who is awaiting the return of her husband from war. While she awaits she is raising her two children, in a large home full of servants. But when her children then start to inform her that they are communication with the non-living, she fobs it off as a figment of their imagination! But it come to the point where she cannot ignore them anymore and that’s when the fun starts!!

Watch the trailer here!

2. Ringu (1998)



With all these new crazes going around with teenagers, it’s hard to believe that they actually work. This is what Imoka thought! Masami tells Imoka about this new video that is circulating and that if you watch it & your phone rings you’ll die in seven days!
She laughed, she did it, she died!

Once Imoka’s aunt heard that her niece watched this video she wanted to solve the mystery! She watches the movie and believes she had seven days to live.

Watch the trailer here!

3. The Changeling (1980)


En Route to the perfect family holiday, the Russell family is struck with a tragic turn of events involving a car crash which claims the lives of John Russell’s wife and daughter.
Riddled with grief, John’s family and friends  recommended  taking a break. So John rents an old turn of the century house. But not all is as it seems as he is not alone! The house is haunted by a little girl who was murdered in the house. And we all know what is scarier than ghosts!.. Children ghosts!!!!

Watch the trailer here!

4. The Orphanage (2007) 


This is the story of a woman who brings her children to visit her childhood home. But wait for it!  of course her old house used to be an old orphanage for disabled children!! … Creepy! And it isn’t long before her son starts talking to his “invisible friend” a past child of the orphanage. Let the fun begin…

Watch the trailer here!

5. The Shining (1980)


Oh, look “here’s Johnny!!” A personal favorite! A story of a family who take on the role of being a caretaker for a hotel in the middle of nowhere!! (Who does this???) It is here that the son develops the gift known as “The Shining”. This gift gives him the powers to see into the past of the hotel. What makes this more nerve wrecking is the the father loses his sanity and starts to attack his family!

Watch the trailer here!

6. Paranormal Activity (2007) 


One of the most well known horror movies of the past decade which tells the story (documentary style) of a young couple who have recently moved into a new suburb. But after a while, the wife feels that the house is haunted, especially at night! So the husband places camera around the house, and what they capture on these videos will keep you awake for nights on end!!

Watch the trailer here!

7. Insidious (2010) 


A chilling story of a family who are in dire need to help save their son. The son, Dalton, fell into coma after a mysterious accident in the house attic. Unknown to the family that there is more to this story than meets the eye!!

Watch the trailer here!

8. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

the exorcism of emily rose

This gripping tale, tells the journey of Emily Rose, a college girl who believes she is possessed. After medical treatment is unsuccessful, she turns to the Catholic Church. In the care of a priest, who performs a number of exorcisms on Emily Rose. This haunting tale goes from the beginning to the moment she dies. The priest is brought to court on the charges of negligence homicide. It is here that another battle commences one between religion and science.

What the trailer here!

9. What Lies Beneath (2000)


A wife of a university research professor believes that her house is haunted by an unfriendly presence. Little does she know that this is linked to her lovers past!

What the trailer here!

10. The Conjuring (2013) 


Saving the best till last! “The Conjuring” shares the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two world renowned paranormal investigators. Ed and Lorraine were asked to help a family, that was being terrorized by an unwanted presence that haunted their home at night! This terrifying tale is based on a true story!!!

What the trailer here!

If you feel you have a movie worthy of our Top 10, let us know on Twitter at @EduIreland 





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