Horror Stories From Ireland

finished horror ireland

Sixteen day until the big day guys!! Hope the costumes are coming along nicely!

So, keeping with the monthly theme of Halloween I decided to share more Irish stories which are not all that Rosie! The Irish know  that we have a historic past, a lot of iconic people, famines and of course we have surreal folk stories to go along with them, which included a lot about the afterlife and the dead. ..Creepy!

If these stories aren’t real, my god, we have some imagination!  The stories I’m going to share with you today are some of the more popular ones! So to kick off, we have the history of the Banshee’s!


“Woman of the barrows” as they are also known they are female spirits in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the afterlife. The banshee cries nearby when someone is about to die, warning the family. Banshee’s are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, often having long, pale hair which they brush with a silver comb. She sharply stands out against the night’s sky, her white figure emerges with silver-grey hair streaming to the ground and a grey-white cloak of a cob-web design clinging to her tall thin body. Her face is pale, with  red eyes  from centuries of crying. It is also said that the louder the cries are the near the Banshee is, which also means death is getting closer.

The second story I have decided to share is one of The Black Dog! 


As Irish methodology stories go I usually fob them off but supposedly one that is guaranteed to put the fear of God into anyone who saw him, is the black Dog. This dog is said to be found around the Kilkenny area. It is thought that the spirits sent this beast to drive mortals away from an area which spirit thought sacred. He is said to be large and wolf like with red fiery eyes!!

From the stories I have read online it suggests that the beast appears in more than one way, one being that a mortal might wake to find him standing above them while in bed, growling and snarling down on them. The second; the dog is supposedly guarding the Fairy Fort which he protects from mortals. When in the area on a dark night, you can hear his breathing and the cracking of twigs. It is thought that it would do you no harm if you kept to your track but if you turn towards the Fairy Fort you would find yourself in a bad situation!


If a dog doesn’t creep you out enough have a read of this! This is taking us back to 1700s in Co. Wexford where Lord Tyrone and Lady Beresford once lived. Born with the names John Le Poer and Nichola Sophia Hamilton. The children were orphans and were raised by an atheist who was determined to convert the two children to atheism. But unknown to the guardian the children continued to believe in heaven so they made a pact with each other. They decided that the first of the two siblings to die would reappear to the other therefore proving that there was life after death.
After a few years, Nichola married and one night she woke to find her foster-brother standing at her bedside. He stated that he had just died and that her husband was going to die and that she would bear four children, and lastly that she would die on her 47th birthday! Everything that her foster-brother had predicted came true except for her death. – She did not die on her 47th birthday.
On her 48th birthday Lady Beresford decided she was going to celebrate with family and friends, she declared “I am 48 today.” But what she didn’t realise was that she was actually only turning 47. A clergy man  told her that she was only going to be 47. She interrogated  him and he claimed he had only looked at her birth cert a few days prior! She was said to have cried  “You have signed my death warrant!” – She went to her chambers wrote her will and died that night.

Creepy or what!!! .. Probably best to leave the light on tonight guys!


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