Damnation – RDS

samual page

Are you a Halloween fanatic? Love a good scare? Or just have nothing better to be at? 

Well get yourself down to Damnation in the RDS! This event claims to be “Ireland’s most horrifying scare attraction it is not for the faint hearted!!”
This attraction takes you through the journey of unimaginable terrors of the Samuel Page’s nightmare. Sending shivers of fear down your spine and leaving your heart pounding as you are terrorized running from room to room!

If you are like me  I needed to learn more about this Page guy! I wanted to know the history behind it and what really happened so here’s the story of Samuel Page! ..Don’t creep yourself out too much!

Samuel Page was a blacksmith working at the RDS in the 1830s. He was a local Dublin man who lived with his wife and kids.

One night in the lead up to the Samhain festival (Halloween) a group of children were playing at the River Dodder and came upon an entrance to a set of tunnels beneath the Page’s household. Kids being kids they followed the path down the tunnels and stumbled across a number of chambers covered in dismembered bodies and snarling wild beasts. After witnessing this horrendous ordeal, the children tried to escape. But due to screams and the intoxicating smell they became too disoriented to find their way out. By luck one of the boys found an exit and ran into town. He told the people what he had found and told them that the others didn’t make it out. – Nobody believed him until the other children never turned up.
The people of Dublin then turn up at Pages house to investigate they found out that Page led a satanic cult from the basement in his home for years. In shock and disgust, the people set Pages house alight with Page and his family inside! –  Bodies of all the family were discovered, but mysteriously Samuel’s was never found.

Creepy or what?


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