The cooking disasters



Well, its been a month i have landed into Dublin. Starting a new life independently is a tough job and even tougher when you know the accommodation is not catered. So, a month before, back in India, my lovely mother taught me some basic indian curries. As i came here to start my undergrad degree at University College Dubin, i figured i’m in for a roller coaster ride. i’ve never been a person who loves to cook and bake.

Some months back i was totally against getting into the kitchen itself. But its rightly said that life makes you do things that you hate the most. Arghh! Hate cooking!  With my first cooking experience, i made a basic Indian daal  (lentils) and well it turned out to be pretty good. I just messed up a little and burnt it but it was edible. haha!  My experiments with Paneer (cottage cheese)…

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