Illuminating UCD-Diwali,the Festival of Lights


Last week ,the Indian diaspora around the world celebrated 10426809_821607827891188_5921434039698717275_nDiwali which is one of the most Important Indian festivals. Diwali is a festival celebrated by 3 of the worlds major religions and it s1012899_821702494548388_4449252669262616565_nignifies the triumph of truth over falsehood,good over evil and light over darkness. I feel Diwali is somewhat similar to a ‘desi’ version of Halloween  where people clean their houses ,dress in fine new traditional clothes and celebrate with friends and family often exchanging gifts. For a lot of the Indian students in UCD,it was fantastic that we had Diwali celebrations right in our very own beautiful campus and it was very convenient as it was a good way to relax after a tiring day at college.

The festivities began with a small pooja to kick start our evening in an auspicious manner. Then there was a talent show which involved a wide range of talents…

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