Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloowweennn

It’s finally here lads, it’s Halloween!!!

Even though I’ve dressed up twice already, I am buzzing for tonight’s antics! On the streets of Ireland tonight you’ll see an array of ghost and ghouls, minions, and of course cats!

Girls at Halloween love dressing up as cats! (I don’t get it!!)the office animated GIF

But anyways, I can promise you that you will have a ball! Let it be in club, on the streets, or in the chipper, the atmosphere will be electric. It’s going to be a long night full of excitement and thrills so guys please please please, don’t forget to take some pics, a sneaky video or two and remember send them onto us, we have fun too, I swear! 

We want to see your costumes, we want to see the good, the bad, and the ugly! No matter how ridiculous, “original” or  silly you think your costume is, send them our way. Go wannn, we need something to brighten up our Mondays!

But you don’t have a costume you say? ..Well shame on you!

Luckily I have some quick fix ideas, starting with…

No.1 The traditional “Black Plastic Bag”
Every child in Ireland has once rocked one of these beauties!

black sack

No.2 The “Bed Sheet”
Cut two holes for your eyes and your sorted!bed sheet

No.3 For the ladies, “A Sugar Skull”
This was my last-minute decision, simply some eyeliner and a steady hand is all you need! (Me on the right)


No.4 To blend in – “A Cat”
Wear all black, with some cardboard ears, and a stuffed pair of tights for a tails, boom, a cat!

cat ears

No, you have no excuse! Go out, have a laugh, and send up your pics!!!!!


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