Why It’s All Worthwhile..

Good morning all, hope you have all had a lovely Halloween weekend! For some of you it’s now “reading” week and for others it has just ended so welcome back to reality!

Anyway it’s coming up to that time of year again. No! .. Not Christmas, (The first of December is a reasonable enough time to start talking about that!!!) but the only other event of the year that need more preparation the dreaded first semester exams!!!!

Learning from past personal experience preparation is key! And of course preparation takes time, (not a week before the exams so I have learned from past experience) So guys, I know they seem ages away but honestly there not! You know they are important and realistically who wants to do repeats? To help you to realise the opportunities that these exams open to you and just how important they are I decided I was going to post “The ROI of Studying Abroad”. This amazing info-graphic by Course Hero shows numerous reasons why studying abroad is great.  Reminding you of the benefits you will have after coming to Ireland, and how this, in the long-term, can open up so many more possibilities, basically, why moving away is worthwhile!

So here you go, this is why it’s all worthwhile…

Course Hero


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