Upcoming College Events


As we all know college is a time for educating ourselves and at the end of the day trying our best to get a marvellous 1.1 degree! But the way I see it if we get a 1.1 where are we going to go after? You’ll most certainly need a few contacts, right? And there is no better way to get to know new people other than going to events!
College student love events! And who better to turn to other than our own Student Unions for the wackiest, funniest and most entertaining events. From Iron Stomach to magical hypnotists, they never fail to entertain us.
So I’ve thrown together some ideas  I found on  the student union pages, they are cheap and cheerful that will be better than sitting at home watching Fair City!

First in with DCUSU…
Here’s something a little different! Diwali, The Festival of Lights is one of the biggest and most iconic festivals celebrated by Indians. What is stopping you from experiencing a different culture first hand? Ticket prices vary get in touch with DCUSU for more information.

Secondly we have UL… 
Returning due to popular demand is ULFM’s Game show Night! THIS EVENT IS TONIGHT, so go on and be spontaneous! It’s only €3 entry!

Up next we have NUI Galway…nuig quiz
We all like having fun but isn’t it so much nicer when we have fun AND make money for charity at the same time? Of course it is! A table for 4 is only €20 so get down to the College Bar tomorrow!

MU is up next…
open mic 2
Who doesn’t love an Open Mic Session? Because I do! If this is what floats your boat, hop along to the student union on the 17th Nov for what is expected to be a fantastic night!

Lastly we have AITSU..
the dead
I’m saving the best till last! These two boys know their way around a DJ decks, and man do they know how to get a crowd going. I’ve seem them live twice and would happily go a third time!! GO!!!

For more information on Education In Ireland please visit our website, here!

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