Family Away From Home

The World of Trinity

Everyone understands the feeling of homesickness. This often applies particularly for international students, who are missing the familiarity of their own culture; however even Irish students living away from home sometimes get pangs of homesickness.

Before the Internet , most people did not even have the option of contacting their friends and family from their hometown while studying abroad. Now that people do have that opportunity, they perhaps forget the importance of plugging into their new environment. Arguably in the past people were able to adapt quicker as there was no option of investing time in connecting over the Internet. I am not saying that maintaining relationships over the web isn’t good, but perhaps we should invest more in the relationships which are around us in college!

Personally, I feel that these 3 are the most important!

1. Housemates


These are the people that you will be living with for many months, and even years! They are…

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