Studying abroad: questions I should have asked…

Emily Mannix
Emily Mannix is doing her masters in marketing at NUI Galway

Emily Mannix is our US and NUI Galway Ambassador. In this blog, she tackles the questions she should have asked before choosing to study abroad in Ireland. From checking out alternative student housing to delving into your course options…

When preparing to study abroad, there are some questions you know need to be answered.

Where will I study? What will I study? Where will I live? Is my passport valid? Will I have enough money?

Some of these questions involve some serious research, but most of the answers are straightforward. For me, all of these questions had quick, simple answers: NUI Galway; Marketing; Student housing; Yes; and Yes. It wasn’t until I actually settled into my on-campus housing at NUIG that I realized the countless of questions I should have asked. If I could do things over, I would get these questions answered before making any decisions. Since I don’t get a mulligan, I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned to help you out… 

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