A multicultural lifestyle

The World of Trinity

Having roots in more than one country across the world is a privilege many of our student ambassadors enjoy; be it because they have made Dublin their new home having lived overseas, or because their family combines a few different cultures. Here’s Sally’s perspective on the benefits and challenges of a multicultural lifestyle:


I’m half Irish, half Sri Lankan, which is a pretty weird mix considering the two countries are across the world from each other. My parents met somewhere in the middle, in Iran. As well as this already-confusing mix, I grew up in 4 very different places: Iran, Australia, India and Ireland.

Living within different cultures has many bonuses. I’m slow to judge, tolerant, and curious. I like asking people about their background and embrace differences rather than shun them. I have clothes from 12 different countries hanging in my wardrobe and my mum makes food from 3 different continents…

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