10 signs that you have become Irish!

Study Ireland - Stories & Tips from International Students

By UL Internation Student Ambassador Bárbara Campos

10 symptoms that you became Irish - Barbara Campos

My semester as Erasmus student in UL is almost finishing and, to be honest, I don’t know how much my English has improved, but I am proud that it sounds more Irish.

So, after almost four months living in Limerick I have looked for some of my own signs of having become Irish. I will share the ones I found with you and I would love to know I you have been passing the same.

  1. A cuppa of tea please. Tea with milk and without sugar. Yes, it’s something totally new for me. Actually, I love to have free milk that I can add in my simple tea. For sure I will miss this after leave Ireland.
  2. 3. GRAND! Lovely! Brilliant!Felhas!Gardai, Cheers! I have never used these expressions and words before but now they are part of me. Especially “grand”, I can…

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