Top Apps for Students in Ireland


One of the best apps for transport is Hailo! This genius app is a taxi booking system where you can either pay by a card on your phone or in cash. And you don’t need to give directions as they can track your exact location! Uber is also a very popular app for taxis in Ireland.


dublin-bus-logoThe Dublin Bus app can tell exactly (with a real-time system) when the bus is going to pull up at your stop! Allowing you to leave the house in perfect time to catch the bus without huddling under a shelter.

WhatsApp-vs-viber-500x249Most people have whats app as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends, aswell as this Viber is also a great method. The beauty of both these apps are the fact that they are free! Free texts, free calls, sorted! And the app itself is also free!

groupon-1 If there is one thing we students all love it is cheap/free stuff and with Groupon, that exactly what you get with a selection of discount offers buy one get one free you will always find something you fancy. Let it be a night away down the country or that perfect dinner date Groupon is the way to go!

weatherAs you can tell by now the Irish weather is notorious for having all four seasons in one day so you are always in need of an update on the weather! With the Met Éireann app, everything is at your fingertips! Accuweather is also another great app that is very accurate when it comes to weather predictions.

JE-LOGO-2014111Save yourself from cooking with this FREE takeaway-ordering app. With 1,250 takeaways at your disposal, the JUST EAT app is perfect if you’re pining for pizza, eager for Indian or after a great Chinese. Punch in your area and we match it to takeaways near you, pick one that looks good, Buy the most delicious sounding thing on the menu and finally Place the order securely, pay with card or cash on delivery.

google-translate-logoThe Google Translate app will be your best friend during your time abroad. The app has a bunch of special features you can use, depending on the language. For many languages, you can translate a recording of your voice or a piece of text by scanning it, rather than a typed sentence. You can listen to your translations spoken aloud.

download (2)Instagram is an extremely popular photography app worldwide. There’s no better way to cherish your study abroad memories than with a full range of photos from your time abroad. Now that smartphones have better and better cameras, there’s almost no need to bring a digital camera on your trip. With these handy apps, you can edit, filter and share your photos with your friends back home.

download (3)No matter what country you’re in, google maps is a great app that helps you navigate anywhere you want to go. The Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there.

icon175x175The Lovin Dublin app helps you find the best events, hidden gems and free things to do in Dublin. With over half a million visitors to the website our team of writers create a unique experience in this magazine every month curating 100 things for you to do in the city. It works just as well if you are a tourist visiting Dublin for the first time or a regular businesses visitor because we help you find the stuff you won’t find on the tourist maps.








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