The Basic Necessities of Life: Tips for Chinese Students in Ireland

Study Ireland - Stories & Tips from International Students

Xiao Yao is a Chinese student studying abroad at the University of Limerick. Here, she shares her general tips for incoming students to UL. Check out UL’s new website developed specifically for China:

Hello, I am Xiao Yao, a study abroad student from China, and by now, I have been in Limerick for a month. This month is the most amazing one I have ever had in my life, trying new things, making friends both from home and abroad and experiencing different cultures. And now, I really want to share some information and feelings with you.

Our Chinese people always regard “Clothing, Food, Accommodation and Transportation” as the four most basic necessities of life. So in this article, I would like to talk about them one by one.


giphy.gif (900×506)

Before arriving, I heard about the weather in Limerick, which featured much rain. So according to some suggestions, I bought a…

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