Lindsay Nygren, USA: Why I Chose UL for my Masters

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Lindsay Nygren, University of Limerick alumnus from Arizona, USA, shares why she chose Ireland & UL, and where her Masters course has taken her.  

Why Ireland?


After deciding to pursue a master’s degree the next decision was where. At first I was only looking at schools in the US, but with steep tuition and long program lengths it wasn’t ideal.That all changed after a short trip to Ireland when I talked with a local guide about my bachelors in tourism and she recommended I look at schools in Ireland due to their active tourism initiatives, leading me to the Kemmy Business School at UL. After considering the Master’s in International Tourism, I ultimately chose the Master’s in International Entrepreneurship Management program due to its more practical approach and real-world application.

Why UL?

020910 ULcampus 30.jpg

Once I had decided on Ireland, a main reason I chose to study at UL was…

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