Product Design in Ireland

The ever-increasing requirement by industry, commerce, retail and domestic markets for new products of all varieties has resulted in a thriving industry for businesses in the area of product design. (DIT)
From chairs and lights to consumer products and environmental objects, product design is about enriching quality of life, whether in the home, workplace, or public domain. It can provide ways of answering unmet needs, improving function and appearance, or offer new ways of critically engaging with objects and experiences. Product Design is fundamentally about making things better. (NCAD)

Increasingly, product designers are also involved in assisting businesses deliver services to the public. (IT Carlow)
Product Design is about the creation of new products, services and experiences built with the user in mind. Consider this degree if you are interested in:
Being at the heart of successful product innovation by bridging the gap between technology and the market, in a human-centred way;
•Learning from specialists with extensive industry experience across product, graphic, engineering, electronic, furniture, medical and sports equipment design;
•Harnessing your creative, artistic, and problem-solving skills;
•Gaining a relevant understanding of technology and materials, and a sensitive awareness of human needs and behaviour through user-centred design;
•Acquiring a broad understanding of product design from both an engineering and a marketing point of view – leading you to create solutions that balance business viability, human desirability and technical feasibility;
•A highly practical course, with an emphasis on project-based learning, workshops, laboratory sessions and group work;
•The opportunity to take a six-month, full-time work experience placement, in a relevant employment setting;
•The possibility of creating products, services and experiences that can transform lives, organisations and markets. (Maynooth University)
Product designers are key to innovation in the modern world. As technological competence spreads globally, businesses are placing greater focus on achieving market success through design.

career options product design

Graduates understand and drive innovation in many spheres of life, especially those involving design and technology, its application or assessment. Students may consider career areas such as product design, interaction design, medical device design, furniture design, technical marketing, customer development and user experience, new product development, design management, technology business management and many other design disciplines. (Maynooth)
Career opportunities for Product Design and Technology graduates will be in roles such as Design Consultant, In-House Designer, Manufacturing Technologist with design capability or Designer with technological capability, and in such varied areas. (University of Limerick)
Product Design offers a career which can be utilized in a broad array of industries. Every product moves through a development cycle, which some professions will have contact with as the design develops but the product designer oversees the complete development cycle.
From the electronic industry to the automotive, medical and aero industries, the product designer contributes his/her skill and expertise in helping to develop and drive these areas. (DIT)

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product design course

Dublin Institute of Technology
During the course of the program you will study how the creative aspect of design as developed in Creative Design Fundamentals and various Design Innovation Studios modules integrate with the manufacturing potential of your design supported by modules such as Manufacture and Materials through to analysis of your design as taught in Design Analysis. The technologies involved in bringing a concept to market will be outlined and planned in modules such as Economics, Marketing and Legal Aspects of Product Design. You will be supported by modules such as New Product Introduction and Business Process Management when you enter both National and International competitions. Your final year project will allow you to bring all these various areas together in order to propose, conceptualise, design and develop your ideas to a professional and industrial standard.

Maynooth University
•As a specialised 4 year Bachelor of Science degree in Product Design, a range of technology, marketing and design subjects are taken in all years.
•All students take a 6-month, full-time, work experience placement in 3rd year (subject to availability).
•Opportunity to take an Elective in 2nd year as part of the new Maynooth Education

University of Limerick
The course is divided up into eight semesters. Each semester comprises a mix of studio based projects to encourage “learning by doing” and technical subjects. The first year design studio focuses on teaching key design skills and building technical understanding. Over six 4-week projects you will work through design briefs that develop your skills in 2D and 3D drawing, model-making and visualisation. Outside the studio you will take modules in various subjects such as engineering science, electro-technology, materials, design mechanics, manufacturing technology etc.

Institute of Technology Carlow 
The programme blends creative design skills with entrepreneurial and business problem-solving skills, ensuring graduates emerge with a pragmatic approach to industrial design. The Product Design Innovation programme was developed in conjunction with the small to medium size (SME) business sector so that students are equipped with both the creative and broader business skills required by industry.

Letterkenny Institute of Technology
YEAR 1 explores creativity and introduces the student to fundamental drawing principles. Develop analytical skills and introduces the student to aspects of manufacturing YEAR 2 explores the design process and collaborative design environments – identifying design opportunities and the requirements of a variety of user populations, it requires the student to formulate design proposals and communicate ideas in both two and three dimensions. YEAR 3 focuses on developing key skills in the areas of idea generation, research and concept communication and requires the student to develop a personal response to a self-directed design opportunity.

National College of Art and Design
The curriculum addresses all the stages and activities involved in the creation of a new product – from concept design to manufacture, to prototyping to marketing. It encourages students to challenge conventions and to think about the subject in new and exciting ways. It is built around a core belief in human centered design with students developing the research and innovation skills that will allow them to design meaningful and desirable products and experiences.

product design NCAD DIT MU ITC
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